Back 9 Network Releases Inspirational New Video

by Fredaltvater

Back 9 Network releases new inspirational video.

The Back 9 Network is a golf lifestyle and news channel that will be coming to your television in the near future. They are in final negotiations with cable providers and expect to be operational later this year.

In preparation for their cable roll out, they have created original video content and broadcast through their website:

Back 9 Network is based in Hartford, CT and was developed as a complementary alternative to traditional golf media’s focus on professional golf tournament coverage. They feature compelling story telling, interesting personalities, fashion, instruction and travel.

In partnership with Catapult Entertainment, an artistic shadow-dance company, Back 9 Network has created a new video titled, “Inspire to Aspire” that tells the story of a young African-American boy’s journey through his life in golf.

The inspirational video is based on the life of Sanford “Sandy” Cloud Jr, who started as a caddy at a local country club and rose to become a prominent lawyer, civic leader, and two-term state senator.

The inspirational original video can be viewed at:

James Bosworth, CEO of Back 9 Network, was quoted as saying,

“We believe it would be most appropriate to release the video publicly during Black History Month since the inspiration for this film derived from Sandy’s contributions to our community and our sport. As we share this collaboration, we remember that diversity forges growth and brings people together,”

This short film presentation demonstrates the type of alternative golf ideas that Back 9 Network embraces and will bring to the golf world.

Ahmad Rashad, Anna Rawson and even Clint Eastwood are involved in bringing this new and evolutionary network to the public.

Back 9 Network takes a little different look at the golf world. It is not your father’s country club blue blazer, khaki pants, traditional presentation of the staid and reserved golf community.

Back 9 Network will add a little chili pepper with jalapenos to the golf culture when it hits the airwaves later this year.


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