Golf Tip: Improve Your Mental Game

by Fredaltvater

Tommy Richardson has coached athletes for over 30 years. He learned early in his coaching career the importance of a positive mental approach to whatever sport an athlete was attempting to play.

Here is a guest article from Coach Tom about the importance of a proper mental approach to golf.

Creating a Golf Mindset

How much of your golf game is mental?

Don't be this guy. Proper mindset can help you avoid this.

50%, 75%, 85% or more?

Most researchers say is it about 90% of your game!

How much of your time is spent on this aspect of your game?

My guess is not near that amount. Most golfers do not take time to intentionally train for a proper mindset, especially new golfers.

My formula for outstanding results is; natural ability + physical ability + effort + mental skill + practice = success.

From my experience working with athletes of all levels and all sports, I have found that some of the major advantages of golfing are knowledge and skill.  Applying a mental skill set such as; confidence, focus/concentration, relaxation, handling distractions and optimal/positive expectations, will improve your game!

The good news is that each of these skills can be learned!

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How many times have you gone into a match or casual round of golf with your mind cluttered with life or job issues?

Creating a mind free of outside influences and completely focused on the task at hand will improve not only your golf, but will help you successfully deal with work, family and personal issues off the course.



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