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Ten Tips for a Successful Golf Outing

Are you getting ready to organize a family or business golf outing?

Need some help?

You don’t have to worry any longer!

The tips in the informative e-book, 10 Tips For Successful Golf Outings, will help you eliminate stress and be the hero of the event!  This quick read will also help you create the perfect golf outing for your company, organization or family without paying too much for it!!


Ten Tips for a Successful Golf Outing

Ten Tips E-Book

The 10 tips will teach you HOW TO:

  • plan and organize your event to avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes,
  • quickly and easily pull your event together, including location selection and price negotiation, and
  • create and orchestrate a smooth running event, with prizes, demos, and fun for golfers of all levels.


After preparing for your outing using the tips in this book, you’ll be able to relax during the event, have a great time yourself and enjoy the kudos that come your way!


“This ebook helped me to organize our best golf outing ever.  Everyone loved trying out the new technology in golf clubs; adding that club demo to our golf outing really took it up a notch.  There are great ideas in this ebook! “ ~ Steve W.

“I was nervous about being in charge of the golf event but your ebook helped provide me with the framework to make our outing super successful for everyone, even the occasional golfer.  It helped put the “sizzle” into the entire day.” ~ Kathy S.

“Our extremely competitive family decided to have a golf outing be part of our summer get together this year.  I wasn’t sure how to go about pulling this off, but then I discovered your book and I was set!  You walked me through everything I needed to know to put together a fun yet competitive event that met the needs of my family.  Thanks; I think this was the first of many!” ~ Tim N.

Get your ebook copy of 10 Tips for Successful Golf Outings for only $1.99!

Be the hero of your next golf event.